At ICCD you stand the advantage of enjoying the following among others.

Preferential Hotel Rates

ICCD has negotiated special accomodation rates suited for any budget. For more information, do not hesitate to speak to our Training Programme Advisors.

24/7 Customer Service

We go the extra mile to guide you
through every step of the way, from
registration to arriving at the venue.
Over 800 participants put their trust in
us every year.

Coffee Breaks

At the training centres, snacks,
refreshments are served during class
days, free of charge.

Prestigeous Training Centres

ICCD has it’s training venues in convenient locations. Furthermore, the training rooms are equiped with state-of-the art computers, projectors, printers and writing boards, providing a modern and interactive training environment.

Recognized Training

The excellence of our training is recognized by Ministerial Organizations, Project units, Agencies, NGO’s and parastatals around the world for their capacity building of their most valuable asset – The Human Capital!

Gratis - Tablet

Participants who attend our open courses receive a complimentary tablet as part of the training package.

Logistical Support

ICCD’s dedicated logistics team picks you up from the airport to your hotel. You are assisted during your entire stay. Delegates are accompanied on the weekend trips and we respond quickly and professionally to your everyday needs.

Tour Your Location

In order to make the training experience
even more exciting, ICCD organizes
weekend tours to various locations of
interest near the training venues.

Multiple Locations

Participants can choose from various
locations including Canada, UK, South
Africa, Dubai, Ghana, Rwanda and


ICCD works with Senior and Middle level officials from Governments, overseas development agencies, donor & bilateral agencies, multilateral agencies, development institutions, the private sector, development banks, consultants and NGOs to respond to the diverse nature of our clients, our entry prerequisites for participation in any of our scheduled programmes are based on open access policy. It is however expected that participants will be mid-career and senior level professionals with at least one year of relevant experience in their job schedules. 

ICCD Programs and services are delivered in English for all our course in Canada & South Africa. For special courses held outside Canada, English, French, Arabic and Spanish are used depending on the clients’ preferences