This training course delivers in-depth content covering the application of Competency Frameworks to identify, train, develop and improve the return on investment achieved through the human resource. As one of the most expensive budget items, the organisations with the ability to maximise potential and talent will deliver higher profitability and greater investment. Participants will be able to transfer the lessons learnt immediately upon return to work by designing and implementing a competency-based framework which delivers.

Target audience

This training course is applicable to any person actively involved or considering developing a structured approach to managing the return on investment of the human capital via clear identification of criteria, objective measures, assessment and reporting. This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Human Resource Managers and Directors
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • Organisational Development Professionals
  • Business Consultants
  • Operation Managers/Process Managers
  • Middle Managers and Team Leaders involved in team development


  • Explain the benefits of Competency Based Frameworks and their uses to their organization
  • Show how the assessments play a part in helping their organization perform at a higher level
  • Determine characteristics valued by their organization
  • Develop a framework aligned with the vision, mission and corporate objectives of the organisation
  • Engage with management upon return to work to drive the process
  • Pilot and then launch a competency based framework and corresponding metrics
  • Measure and audit job performance objectively

Fee schedule – Venue

Canada – Dubai: USD $ 4,550 per candidate, course and training material only UK-Bristol: GPE 2,850 South

Africa – Ghana – Swaziland – Rwanda : USD $ 2,950 per candidate, course and training material only 11th – 22nd

March 2019 | 29th April – 10th May 2019 | 12th – 23rd

August 2019 11th – 22nd November 2019 | 9th – 20th

December 2019 | 13th – 24th January 2020

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