This course examines the underlying principles and characteristics of banking and financial markets that are the foundation for understanding both their normal role in economies and the headline events. It concentrates on the theoretical and empirical scientific knowledge produced by modern research on banking. Since such knowledge is never fully established or ‘proven’, it enables you to examine opposing points of view and to discuss the published studies.

Target audience

  • Bank coordinator  and managers
  • Expert of capital market
  • Anyone seeking to understand capital markets and instruments


  • demonstrate a well-founded understanding of what financial markets and financial intermediaries are and how they work
  • explain the factors that contribute to financial instability, the causes and effects of financial crises, and the strategies that can be used to reduce the risk of their occurrence
  • outline and discuss some of the most central concepts and techniques used in the analysis of financial institutions, and
  • apply and refine these methods in your own analyses of phenomena which you encounter in financial markets.

Fee Schedule – Venue

Canada – Dubai : USD $ 4,550 per candidate, course and training material only UK-Bristol: GPE 2,850

South Africa – Ghana – Swaziland – Rwanda : USD $ 2,950 per candidate,
course and training material only

From 7th – 11th January 2019 | 22nd – 26th April 2019 | 2nd – 6th September 2019

From 11th – 15th November 2019 | 9th – 13th December 2019 | 13th – 17th January 2020

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