Management & Policy Development
Skills for Secretaries & PAs
Capacity Building for Public Sector Development
Advocacy & Negotiation Skills
Strategic Intelligence Analysis
Customer Service & Retention Management
Corporate Strategic Management
Corporate Governance Program
Professional Administration & Management
Diplomatic & Protocol Knowledge for Secretaries
Effective Communication Skills Program
Improving Governance & Controlling Corruption
Institutional Development & Organizational Strengthening
Intelligence Practice & Management
International Tax Law
Leadership in Public Sector & Disaster Management
Legislative Drafting
Management Development Program for Managers
NGO Leadership & Development Course
Office Management & Administration
Organizational Change Management (Policy & Strategy)
Pension Planning, Analysis & Management
Policy Analysis Management
Prevention, Analysis & Detection of Corporate Fraud
Public Administration & Civil Service Management
Public Policy Analysis for Civil Servants
Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Public Relations Management
SME – Operational Program Management
Statistical Methods for Risk Management
Strategic Management for Development Programs
Business Process Management & Modelling Management
Communication, Research & Presentation Skills
Contracting & Contract Management
Office Management & Administration
International Business Strategy
International Diversity Corporation & Management Solution
Leadership Skills for Senior Managers
Management for Local Government District & Municipal Affairs
Managing NGOs in the 21st Century
Office Management & 360° Leadership Skills for Secretaries & Pas
Office Management & Computer Skills
Pension Fund Management
Results Based Management (RBM) & Medium Term Expenditure Framework
Results Based Management (RBM) in the Public Sector
Strategic Tourism Development & Management
Talent Management & Succession Planning
Good Governance & Anti Corruption
Strategic Thinking & Emotional Intelligence
Anti Corruption & Transparency (ACO)
Conflict Resolution & Peace Building (CRPB)
Negotiations in Public Policy
Writing Wining Proposals
Leadership & People Management
Telephone Operators Supervisors Course
Protocol Etiquette and Events Management Course
Managing Organisational Change & Culture for Improved Performance
Essential Self Management for Receptionists and Front – Line Personnel
Administrative Report Writing
360ᵒ Time and Self Management for Outcome Focused Managers and Supervisors
Overcoming the Challenges of Leadership in a Multi-Sector Business Environment
Managerial Skills for Personal Effectiveness
360ᵒ Leadership Development Compass for Emerging Global Managers
Strategic Thinking for Organisational Effectiveness
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines (Achieving Results through Task Leadership)
High Impact Supervisory Skills: Making a Difference
Effective Communication, Minutes and Report Writing Skills
Work Ethics and Attitudinal Change for Improved Productivity
Developing Senior Management Capacity
Managing Priorities, Performance & Pressure
Managing and Improving Individual Skills
Management Skills for Personal Assistants
Basic Tools and Techniques for Continuous Improvement
Effective Conduct of Government Business
The Complete course on Facilities Management
Managing Creativity and Innovation in the Public Sector
Governance and Sustainable Development Course
Winning Marketing Skills and Techniques
Effective Management of Cooperative Societies
Conduct of Meetings & Minute Writing Course
Executive Board Paper Writing Course
Transforming Leadership
Ethics and Integrity Course for Top Management
Ethics and Integrity Course for Public Servants
Ethics and Integrity Course for Supervisors and Technical Officers
E-Learning Production Course
Corporate Governance for Board Members
Policy Studies for Executives
Governance, Assurance & Risk Management
Behavioural Management and Emotional Intelligence
Managing & Measuring Training
Strategy, Risks, Negotiation & Leadership
Decisions, Dynamics & Leadership Styles
Strategic Planning, Development & Implementation: Strategic Planning Professional
Behavioural Management and Emotional Intelligence
Event Management Essentials
The 360ᵒ Leader – Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Pinnacle
Designing & Implementing Competency Frameworks and Assessment Tools
Distribution and Retail Management
Warehouse Management: Strategy, Implementation & Control
Tax Policy & Administration (Theory & Practice)
Public Relations, Communication, Research and Presentation Skills
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Complaints Management
Mastering the Transition from Technical Expert to Managerial Position
Management for Local Government (District & Municipal Affairs)
Strategi Leadership for Governments
Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills
Strategic Events Management
Corporate Governance & Risk Management for State & Public Sector Institutions
Public Policy, Governance & Administration
Strategic Leadership in Governments
Managing Conflicts within an Organisation
Designing and Rolling out a Department Project
Crisis Management
Conducting a Quality Audit Assignment
Top Management: Conducting Change
Top Management: Strategic Management and Performance Management
Team Management and Project-Based Management
Management tools: Designing a Dashboard
Developing your Organisation: from Diagnosis to Action Plan
Managing a Remote Team Effectively
Situational Leadership Management
Emotional Intelligence
Maximising Customer Relationship
Facilities Management
Leadership & Customer Loyalty
Mastering the Art of Technical Writing
Building Learning Organisations
Advanced Emmotional Intelligence & Personal Skills
Managerial Economics
Capacity Planning
Category Management
Client Relationship Management
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Change Management
Compensation Management
Organisational Behavour
Managing Success and Failures
Inspirational High Performance Leadership Skills
Production Planning and Control
Root Cause and decision Making Skills
Diplomacy & National Security


Project Programme Management
Governance & Accountability in Microfinance Projects
Investigation & Prevention of Corruption in Projects
Management, Control & Evaluation for Donor Funded Projects
Monitoring & Evaluation of Projects
Monitoring & Evaluation of Public Projects
Policy Development, Analysis, Implementation & Management
Poverty Monitoring & Assessment (PMA) Systems
Project Analysis Management
Project Design, Proposal Writing & Fund Raising
Project Estimation & Budgeting Program
Project Management Administration
Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)
Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
Project Procurement Management
Results Based Monitoring & Evaluation
Project Management
Macro-Economic Forescasting in Project Management
Monitoring & Evaluation of Development & Community Projects
Monitoring & Evaluation of Donor Funded Projects
Project Analysis & Design Programme
Project Management & Gender Mainstreaming
Project Quality Management
Strategic Project Management
Best Practices in Managing Donor Funds and Grants in Emerging Economics
Project Management Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Project Management in Public and Private Sectors
Project Planning and Management for Disaster Risk Management
Project Analysis & Financing
The Complete course on Contracts & Project Management
Results-Based Management (RBM): Project Identification and Design
Results-Based Management (RBM): Project Monitoring
Calculating and Monitoring Indicators
Statistical Survey Techniques
Processing and Analysing Survey Data
Result-Based Financing
Computerised Operational Project Planning using Microsoft Project
Calculating and Monitoring Indicators
Statistical Survey Technique
Processing and Analysing Survey Data
GIS (Geographic Information System): Data Acquisition and Processing Techniques
GIS (Geographic Information System): Creating and Managing Relational Databases
Project Procurement Management


Agriculture Engineering & Farm Mechanization under Climate Change Scenarios
Agriculture Survey & Census
International Diarmament Debomilization & Re-intergration Standards (IDDRS)
M&E for Agricultural Research & Extension Management
Management & Design of Rural Schemes
Management of Agricultural Research (MAR)
Policy & Rural Development Management
Research Methods & Methodologies
Rural Development & Extension Management
Agribusiness, Marketing & Export Management
Agricultural Extension Service Delivery Management
Conflict Resolution in Natural Resources Management
Rural Development & Extension Development
Disaster Preparedness & Management
Economic Evaluation of Environmental Impact
Environmental Economics for Development Policy
Environmental Health Programme
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Environmental Risk Assessment
Integrated Disaster Management
Management of Renewable Natural Resources
Management of Rural Poverty Alleviation Projects
Management of Sustainable Natural Resources
Natural Resources Management (Participatory Approach)
Participatory Rural Project Planning
Project & Environment Management
Rural Development & Extension Management
Rural Development & Financing Programme
Rural Road Development & Maintenance Management
Sustainable Rural Resources & Management Planning
Systems & Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture
Training of Trainers (TOT) on Environmental Education
Agriculture Budget Monitoring & Advocacy
Participatory Forest Management
Natural Resource Management and Governance
Methods and Research Design in Public Policy
Accelerated & Sustainable Rural Development Course
Emergency Management and Relief Operations
Community Engagement & Consumer Protection
Climate Change for Sustainable Development
Identification, Preparation and Feasibility of an Energy Project
Population Resettlement Action Plans (RAP)
Taking account of Social Impacts in Projects
Taking account of Environmental Impacts in Projects
Monitoring Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP)
Resettlement Action Plans for Affected Populations


Community Water Supply & Waste Management
Conflict Resolution in Natural Resources Management
Developing Sustainable Tourism
Disaster Preparedness & Response Management
Drought Management
Economic Analysis & Development Research
Economic Evaluation of Environment Impacts
Energy Economics & Planning Management
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Environmental Management Accounting & Audit
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Natural Resources Management
Integrated Water Resources Management
Irrigation Water Management
Leadership & Climate Change
Macro-Economic Programs (National Strategies)
Natural Resources Management & Sustainability
Project & Environmental Management
Solid Waste Management
Toxic & Hazardous Waste Management
Water & Sanitation Management
Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction
Environmental & Climatic Change Management
Forest Sustainability & Land-Use Program
Macro-Economic Forecasting & Projection
Planning for Community Water Supply & Waste Management
Renewable Energy & Sustainable Resource Management
Rural Electrification Programme
Rural Energy Planning & Management
Rural Water Development & Sustainability
Economics for Non – Economists (Micro & Macroeconomics
Climate Economics & Governance
Public Sector Economics
Electricity Economics & Modelling
Applied Economic Analysis
Climate Change Policy, Planning and Budgeting
Forestry Impact Assessment (FIA) for Projects (Conservation & Natural Resources Management)
Managing Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in the Mining Industry
Reliability and Operational Performance of Electric Power Systems
Water Quality and Sanitation Management
Management Skills for Economic Development
Utility Water Billing & Collection Management
Leadership & Decision –Making in Crisis & Emergency Situations
Renewable Energy Integration
Risk Management in Power and Utilities
Energy Subsidy Reform
Environment Monitoring & Modelling
Environmental Health & Safety
Population Resettlement Action Plans (RAP)


Information Systems for Microfinance Institutions
M & E of Microfinance Institutions Performance
Operational Risk Management for Microfinance Institutions
Loan Portfolio Audit for Microfinance Institutions
External Audit of Microfinance Institutions
Financial Management & Cost Control for MFIs
Advanced Audit of Microfinance Institutions
Social Performance for Microfinance Instititions
Monitoring, Evaluation & Measurement of Microfinance Institions Performance
Accounting for Micro-Finance Institutions & Projects
Business Planning for Micro-Finance Institutions
Fundamentals & Methothologies of Microfinance
Managing Human Resource in Microfinance Institutions
Financial Analysis for Microfinance Practitioners
Finance & Microfinance Managers
Advanced Financial Analysis for Microfinance Practitioners
Strategic Management for Microfinance Practitioners
Market – Based Financial Product Design & Development
Business Planning for Microenterprises
Delivering Pro-Poor Financial Services: Microcredit
Financial Mainstreaming of Microinsurance & Savings
Governance and Managing MFI Growth
Marketing Microfinance Products & Services
Mid – Management Training for Microfinance Managers.