It is important that you apply for an entry visa to any of our venues from your country of residence. Please make the necessary arrangements with the Embassy or High Commission in your country well in advance of your travel plans upon acceptance to any of our courses.

Participants will receive a letter of invitation and accommodation arrangement details, which can be used to assist in visa processing. Please note that acceptance to attend an ICCD training course does not automatically guarantee that any visa will be issued.


Our programs are scheduled to commence on a Monday of the week. We urge all participants to arrive on the preceding Saturday or Sunday. Our welfare officer will be at the airport to receive participants, based on the itinerary usually communicated to us in advance.

Participants are not charged for this service. All arrivals will normally be at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Similarly, ICCD will arrange free transport to the airport on time to facilitate participant’s departure at the end of their course.


It is advised that all participating delegates purchase a travel health insurance and medical insurance coverage for pre-existing and unexpected sudden illness that requires significant financial input. Minor medical prescriptions can be purchased over the counter and covered by the participants’ own per diem allowance. Participants should therefore arrange with the sponsoring agency to ensure that the necessary insurance coverage for the duration of their stay is budgeted for. It is the applicant’s responsibility to comply with the requirements set by the Embassies usually located in the capital city of your country or the embassy in your region responsible for your country.

ICCD is unable to influence or send direct correspondence to the Embassies or High Commissions on the applicant’s behalf unless instructed to do so by the embassy. For further details on visa information visit

Please note that for short courses, you will be processed under the Visitor’s Visa category and NOT Study Visa, unless the course will be extended beyond six (6) months.


All our courses, both in Canada and other international venues are priced on a non-residential basis i.e. the charge per course does not include accommodation and meals. This enables participants to choose different types of accommodation to match their needs. To assist participants in finding accommodation, we offer advice on a range of accommodation options. Upon acceptance we shall provide prospective applicants with a list of closely supervised accommodation service providers to choose from.

Most hotels and guesthouses have both single and double occupancy rooms available. The following are some ideas of the special, all-inclusive room rates extended exclusively to ICCD participants.

Approximate Hotel & Guest House Rate

The above rates are for budgeting and guidance only and services may differ. Please contact the institution for booking and reservation options and procedures.


We advise that all cancellations should be communicated to our office at least ONE WEEK before the course commences.

COURSE FEES ONCE PAID ARE NON REFUNDABLE IN THE CASE OF VISA REFUSALS TO CANADA. Candidates will automatically be redirected to any of our training venues/locations where the course will be conducted at a specific date. Substitution of candidates will be accepted in place of the original applicant.