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The International Centre for Capacity Development (ICCD) is a world-class capacity building organization established to provide human skill development globally. ICCD is a private initiative, registered and recognized by the Government of Canada. Its core mission is to support Governments, Civil Society Organizations and the Private sector to enhance the productive capabilities of their human capital for sustained productivity and performance in the context of sustainable development and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. Our continuing professional development programs (CPDP) are responsive to the needs of organizations from more than 130 countries.

ICCD is governed by a board of leading Internationalists who are high level officials with experience
from the private and public sector institutions. They possess high level academic and professional qualifications from top Universities and leading educational Institutions around the world. The diversity of our structure reflects our true international profile.

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ICCD prides itself on its success in integrating capacity building and CPDP into client consulting services to create a successful sustainable development partnership. We believe that development projects and transactions are measured not only by the advice provided, but also the capacity developed for our clients, be they public or private sector corporate clients. ICCD strives to transfer the core tools and managerial know-how to our clients, to enable them to manage their projects satisfactorily to meet perceived objectives.

In line with ICCD objectives, we are committed to providing a wide range of off-program schedule, customized in partnership with clients by means of in-house or CPDP in the client’s country.

Our executive management CPDP outlined on this site is intended to empower and capacitate Government employees Worldwide to plan, implement and monitor their projects, whilst creating an effective regulatory and monitoring mechanisms to improve performance across the various functional arms of National Governments.

We currently have effective systems and structures in place to provide and conduct courses in English, French, Spanish and Arabic in the client country where group size makes it economically feasible.

At ICCD we believe that all our consulting assignments should contain significant capacity building components with a set of high standard benchmarks as a measure of our input in the development industry.